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Tobacco Stems

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Tobacco stems are by-products of green leaf threshing were the midrib of a leaf is separated from the lamina. Stems are packed into C48 cartons with kraft paper top and bottom and net mass of 200kg.

Our stems are supplied in the below distinct classes

  • Long Stems – these are stems produced mainly from upper stalk positions and are generally thick.
  • Mixed Stems – these are stems of various sizes from shorts, medium and long which are packed together.
  • Short Stems – these are stems which are short in size with average length of one inch to one and half inch length. Most of these are from the lower stalk position.


Types of stems we sell?

We sell stems as long stems, mixed stems and short stems.

Tobacco stems packaging?

Packaging is 200kg net in C48 cartons with kraft paper top and bottom.

Minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity is 19800kgs which is 99 cartons in 40ft container.

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Global suppliers of tobacco stems

Chevron Leaf Tobacco is a licensed global supplier of tobacco products. We have cut rag, lamina or strips, expanded stems, and fines readily available for shipping. Follow the links below to learn more about our products.

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