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Contracted farmers get tobacco farming training and technical advice at every stage of production. This extension service is provided as a mandatory technical support to the contracted farmers in order for them to produce the desired leaf quality, yield and style of tobacco which suites our clientele base.


Tobacco contract farming scheme in Zimbabwe?

Our tobacco contract farming scheme in Zimbabwe is aimed at ensuring our farmers produce the tobacco quality, style and volume that meets the requirements of our customers and also adhering to best management practices which ensure viability and global compliance for the production of the leaf.

Tobacco farming training in Zimbabwe?

Our contract farming scheme go through training at every stage of production. Key topics covered include:

Record keeping, seedbed management, soil fertility management, transplanting and field operations, disease and pest control, topping, reaping, curing, grading.

These trainings are conducted in small groups to ensure effectiveness and are basically on-farm trainings.

Tobacco farming technical guidance?

Trainings are buttressed by provision of agronomic expertise and technical guidance to help growers improve the quality and yield of their crops. Extension services are part of monitoring and evaluation programme that the company employ through field officers.

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