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Muchibwa House, 18158 Belvedere Road, Harare, Zimbabwe


Tobacco Products

Chevron Leaf Tobacco offers two main products namely Cut Rag and Lamina/Strips tobacco blends. In addition to the two main products the company also supplies expanded stems and green leaf tobacco processing by-products.

Global suppliers of tobacco products

Chevron Leaf Tobacco is a licensed global supplier of tobacco products. We have cut rag, lamina or strips, expanded stems, and fines readily available for shipping. Follow the links below to learn more about our products.

Tobacco Products

Chevron Leaf Tobacco is a Zimbabwe-based global tobacco supplier. Our main products includes cut rag, and lamina or strips tobacco blends. We also supply expanded stems and green-leaf tobacco processing by-products.

Cut Rag

Our cut rag blends are mainly Flue Cured Virginia blends however, we also supply American-style blends. The majority of our blends are customised blends processed according to the customers’ specifications.


Chevron Leaf Tobacco supplies a variety of flue cured lamina tobacco blends. We grow our own tobacco through contract farming in order to have a secured green leaf supply and quality control.

Expanded Stems

We supply expanded stems, a critical component in cigarette and cut rag processing. Our expanded stems are processed to give the best combustible results.