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Chevron Leaf Tobacco sell a variety of flue cured tobacco lamina blends. We grow our own tobacco through contract farming in order to have a secured green leaf supply and to control the quality of the lamina blends we supply under the theme “from the farm to the box”.

Our strips / lamina blends are all Zimbabwean flue cured processed to meet unique customer specifications. Our strips/lamina blends range from all plant positions, all colour ranges i.e. (lemon, orange, full orange, light mahogany and dark mahogany), quality, styles, ripe, standard etc. Our grades are filler, semi- flavour and flavour grades all supplied at competitive prices.

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Supply of lamina from Zimbabwe
Our company can supply lamina from Zimbabwe any time of the year but it is imperative that orders are put in place well ahead of the buying season which starts in March of every year. Unlike cut rag which we can comfortably supply anytime, lamina blending is not as wide as cut rag hence options of green components are limited to achieve a blend.

This means the client needs to put the order well ahead. This is mainly for customised blends. If the client wants to purchase inhouse blends they can do so by choosing grades available in the inventory and can be supplied immediately once the ordering process is completed.

Lamina price?

Pricing for lamina depends on the blend, quantity to be purchased and general price of green tobacco on the market. Our offer price depends on incoterms preferred by the client.

How to order?

If a clients want to put an order, they can send lamina specifications and we match that by providing samples which the client can evaluate. The client can request for adjustment of the blend or agree on the sample.

This process is done together with pricing hence when the client agrees, a contract is prepared which will have all terms of trading from price, payment terms, product specifications, processing and shipping schedule.

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Chevron Leaf Tobacco is a licensed global supplier of tobacco products. We have cut rag, lamina or strips, expanded stems, and fines readily available for shipping. Follow the links below to learn more about our products.

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