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Tobacco Cut Rag

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Our tobacco cut rag blends are mainly Flue Cured Virginia blends. We also supply American style blends. The majority of our blends are customised blends processed according to the customers’ specifications. Our blending is a skillful process that starts with knowing the tobacco styles to grow, procure and mix the right grades in the right quantities.

Our experience across the tobacco value chain makes it possible to grow, procure, blend unique and competitive cut rag blends. We build exclusive made-to-order cut rag blends across a wide range of price points. We have blends for our value seeking customers as well as very premium blend offerings for our discerning customers.

Our experience in dealing with various customers have made us to come up with unique Inhouse Blends. These blends, though unique, are a good representation of the requirements for specific regions and their tastes. Our blends are rich in natural flavor and aroma, customers can buy these blends off the shelf.


When is cut rag available in Zimbabwe?

Our company can supply cut rag from Zimbabwe anytime of the year. The supply chain is not seasonal like buying and growing season.

During the buying season, we purchase enough volumes sufficient enough to match our orders and remain with surplus inventory for new business which comes after buying period.

Average price of cut rag?

Price for our cut rag varies from blend to blend. Price is mainly determined by blend composition, quantity to be purchased and the general price of green tobacco for that particular year.

Pricing is specific to what the client wants and we price according the specifications of the cut rag blend. Our costing will be ex works and we then add shipping costs which is subject to shipping lines to the port of destination.

How to order cut rag?

We have two ordering processes. A client can put order by sending specifications of cut rag he wants and we work out the blend costing and price. Alternatively, a client can send general specifications and we can provide our inhouse blends which can suite that.

We then provide samples of the blend for evaluation by client. The blend can either be adjusted according to evaluation report of the client or the client can accept as it is. Once the samples are agreed, the client keeps one set which they can use to match with consignment that will be shipped. We give the client an offer/contract which will include price, payment terms, specifications, processing and shipping schedule.

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Chevron Leaf Tobacco is a licensed global supplier of tobacco products. We have cut rag, lamina or strips, expanded stems, and fines readily available for shipping. Follow the links below to learn more about our products.

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